Odyssey Leasing, LLC


Odyssey Leasing, LLC is a wholly owned affiliate of Odyssey Engines, which facilitates the leasing of newly acquired and existing aircraft engines and aviation assets to domestic & international carriers. Savanna Leasing serves as a lease servicing agent and portfolio manager of all types of aircraft engines.

The management team leverages the MRO and leasing businesses to create a larger, diversified leasing company that offers an enhanced service to US air carriers, US air cargo companies and their peers in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and other developed markets.

Odyssey has two distinct advantages in the market. Firstly, it is one of the few leasing companies that has its own MRO and secondly, focusing on the overhauled engine market which presents a higher yielding asset that is in significant demand from the end user.

What We Are Looking For

  1. PORTFOLIO PURCHASES - Savanna is always in the market for portfolios assets that are on lease. We have access to deep pools of capital and with our own MRO we are often able to pay better prices than our purely financial services driven peers. We are always looking to build relationships with new carriers and we’re confident that our unique approach of having our own MRO will allow us to differentiate ourselves in the market.

  2. SALE AND LEASEBACK OPPORTUNITIES – With our unique access to institutional capital and our MRO base, we are constantly looking for sale lease back opportunities on aircraft and/or engines that are owned by creditworthy commercial airlines or cargo companies.

  3. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS – Savanna is always open to establishing new strategic partnerships/joint ventures with industry service providers, MRO’s and consultants fors ales lead generation. Our management team already has relationships with a number of niche service providers who, through their current activities have a matched depth of intelligence and can provide a robust source of new business as engine owners seek out overhaul and maintenance work.