Welcome to Odyssey Engines.



Odyssey Engines, LLC comprises two wholly owned subsidiaries Turbine Engine Center (TEC), an FAA Certified repair station, and Savanna Leasing, a full service aircraft leasing company.

We provide MRO support, engine leasing, material management support and asset management. Meaning we repair, buy, sell, and lease engines. We pride ourselves in being your "one stop shop" for securing all of your CFM56 and JT8D solutions.

From the end of September 2018, we will also provide a state-of-the-art test cell adjacent to our facility in Miami, FL.



Turbine Engine Center Inc,  &  Oscoda Engine Services

Turbine Engine Center Inc. and Oscoda Engine Services are wholly owned subsidiaries of Odyssey based in Miami, FL. Both entities are commercial aircraft engine maintenance, repair, overhaul facilities (“MRO”). Both provide Odyssey with a unique position to take advantage of the growing aerospace market in providing it’s own maintenance on all engines in the Odyssey portfolio.

Turbine Engine Center, Inc. is a fully certified repair station for the CFM56-3, -5 and -7 series engines as well as for commercial and military Pratt & Whitney JT8D series. We provide Test Cell in house for JT3D and JT8D series engines.

Oscoda Engine Services, is a fully certified repair station for all commercial and military Pratt & Whitney JT8D series. We provide Test Cell in house for JT8D series engines.



Odyssey Leasing, LLC

Odyssey Leasing, LLC, a wholly owned affiliate of Odyssey, facilitates the leasing of newly acquired and existing aircraft engines and aviation assets to domestic & international carriers. Odyssey serves as the Lease Servicing Agent and Portfolio Manager of all aircraft engines.




odyssey Aerocell

Odyssey Aerocell is constructing a state-of-the-art jet engine test cell facility adjacent to the main TEC facility in Medley, FL. The facility is currently being constructed.  Once completed, the facility will house two test cells.  The first 7 meter cell is due to be commissioned by the end of June of 2019 and a second 10 meter, 100,000 pound test cell will be commissioned mid 2020. The facility will be able to test all engine types up to 100,000 lbs of thrust, particularly the CFM56 and CF6-80 families of engines.

More information will be available as we prepare to commence operations.